Earn While You Learn (EWYL) Program

We offer different programs geared for women, men, and couples. All programs are tailored to each individual and are completed on a one-on-one basis.  Call today to schedule your private, and always confidential, appointment time.  A client advocate will have your materials ready each time you come and sit with you during your appointment.  Always feel free to bring a friend, spouse, or support person.  The last portion of the appointment will include spiritual discipleship or a short devotional time. We do encourage you to make weekly appointments on the same day or on different days depending on your availability.  Plus, for each class you attend, you can earn gifts from our gift room.

We hope you will come and check out these great lesson topics and, in addition, receive these special benefits:                                                                                       

  • AWRC Bag of Baby Items or Related Study Items – on your first session visit
  • Choose Item from the Gift Room-– Each Time you Attend Class
  • Choose Item from the Gift Room- for Each Session of Homework you Return Completed
  • Free Book of your Choice (What to expect during Pregnancy or Various Devotional Books) – after Completing 2 Classes
  • A Crib, Bassinet, Play Yard or Wal-Mart Gift Card – after Completing 25 Pregnancy Classes
  • $25 Gift Card for Dinner Out – after Completing 12 Positive Partnerships Classes, Life Choices, Power Source parenting for Young Mothers or Sacred Marriage
  • $25 Gift Card for Dinner Out or Wal-mart Gift Card – after completing 24 Positive Partnerships Classes, Life Choices, Power Source parenting for Young Mothers or Sacred Marriage



Free Class Options for Men and Women of any age:

Pregnancy ClassThis starter program is designed to walk you through the stages of pregnancy as well as the first few months home with your precious new born.


Parenting ClassesThis is a wonderful program.  It is designed to teach you different parenting techniques and give you information that will equip you to be a successful parent and future grandparent.


Positive Partnerships – This unique program is designed for both men and women.  Covered topics include: making decisions about marriage, cohabitation, single parenting, and for men -being a protector and leader of your family, plus many others. Each lesson puts an emphasis on looking deeper into the different relationships in your life and making healthy decisions concerning not only you, but for others in your life as well.


Power Source Parenting for Young Mothers – Designed for all young mothers who know just how tough it can be raising kids in these modern times.  The material contained in this class has answers to some of the difficult challenges you might be facing.


Life Choices – You will learn to know yourself better through looking at what “life stage” you are in right now.  This program will help you look at your hopes and dreams, and help you discover steps forward so you can start to realize them.


Sacred Marriage – This class can be taken as a couple or individualized for men or women. A wise person once said, “A single lesson is NOT going to change a person’s life but, a single relationship can.”  In this lesson series, see how you can discover a deeper intimacy with God through your marriage.


The Purpose Driven Life – This study was written by Rick Warren, and will help you answer the question, “What is my purpose in life?”  These lessons are designed to help all of us reduce stress,  look at different ways to simplify decision making, increase our faith during challenging circumstances, and to prepare us for eternity.


The 6 R’s Hand Class – Short on time?  Not able to commit to weekly sessions right now?  How about this short look at the 6 R’s.  It’s a craft and lesson all in one!  We will look at turning negatives feelings into positive ones.