What are My Rights as a Woman?

Empower yourself by getting all the factual information you need to make an informed decision! Don’t let anyone pressure or coerce you into anything that is not in your best interest.

You have the right to:


  • Have a licensed physician perform your abortion.
  • Know if the physician has had his/her license suspended.
  • Confirm that the physician has medical malpractice.
  • Insurance to protect and compensate you in case of injury or death.
  • Be transferred by ambulance to the closest hospital if you are injured during the abortion procedure.
  • Refuse to sign a waiver releasing the doctor, abortion clinic, and staff from liability for abortion-related injuries.
  • Ask all of your questions, and demand answers that are complete and truthful.
  • You have the right to refuse the abortion and demand your money back.
  • An informed decision.